Gardening Club #13

This week’s gardening club was a family special as work got underway to build the fence to make the pond area secure. It was lovely to see so many parents and children stepping in to lend a hand. Despite the downpour, it didn’t dampen spirits, as these two lovely ladies can testify!

Some children helped to dig the holes for the fence posts, which is not an easy task given how stoney the soil is…

…while others tried their hand with the post driver, using some interesting techniques!

A bit more muscle was required, so some of the Dad’s stepped in.

The tractor tyre planters are a great new addition that not only add extra growing space but also double up really well as seats!

Children’s imaginations have the run of the great outdoors - canes make great fishing rods!

After all that digging, a wheelbarrow makes an easy resting place for weary legs and arms.

A few of the parents organised a BBQ for the hard working team, the food and warmth was a welcome relief from the rather drizzly, cold conditions.

This was the first time that some parents had been to the allotment so it was lovely to see some new enthusiasm! There were four rather large holes that needed to be dug, before dropping in each post and back filling with a dry sand/cement mix.

Spending time on the allotment is an opportunity for parents and children to get together and do something constructive. It’s always very satisfying to see just how much can be achieved when a group of people come together with one common purpose - to provide something better for their children.