Gardening Club #6 #7

Last week’s gardening club session was a busy one where the children sowed lots of vegetables. This week’s session followed a similar theme.

The lettuces that had been sown a few weeks earlier were ready to be thinned out…

…the first tomatoes of the season were sown too. Until the plastic bottle greenhouse has been built these delicate seedlings will take shelter in the warmth of one of the children’s homes.

Peas were planted both in pots and straight into the ground. It was thought that a nice comparison might be made to see which does better.

Sunflowers were also sown, everyone is hoping for some giants this Summer!

To try and keep our plastic use down, good old fashioned paper pots were still in production! Thank you to a team of parents who were on hand to help remind the children how to do it.

So that takes us onto this week’s gardening club, where even more veggies were sown. Beetroot went into the ground…

…a variety of different flowers were planted too.

Carrots and courgettes were also sown. Overall, the raised beds are slowly beginning to fill up and we can’t wait to see more go into the ground soon!