Tidying Up

This afternoon the whole school walked up to the allotment to tidy up the raised beds together. After a long Summer break, there was much to do! It’s always a really positive experience to see all the children on the plot getting stuck in and getting their hands dirty. Up at the allotment, the children’s enthusiasm spreads as quickly as the weeds!

As usual, the session began with a quick chat about what they would be doing. The class teachers split the children into six small groups. Each group was responsible for clearing and tidying a bed.

While there’s always plenty of work to be done on the allotment, there’s also plenty of time for rest and reflection. It’s staggering the amount of playdates and after school clubs youngsters are involved in these days. Rushing around is all very well, but when one is always in a race to get to the next activity, the moment of enjoying the one you’re doing can get lost. The allotment is a great space for just soaking up time.

The children did a grand job of clearing out the tomato bed. Despite not being grown undercover in a greenhouse, there were still plenty of red ones that the children enjoyed sampling!

There were also lots of green ones too…

…which the children made into chutney.

What we love about the allotment is that there’s always an air of optimism. One feels real good is being done in the education of these children and that positive and lasting changes are being made. When the whole school comes together up there, it’s a unifying moment that fortifies the school.

As well as tidying up the raised beds, the children also collected seeds in readiness for their up and coming seed workshop.

The children were all very focused on the tasks at hand. Given the opportunity, they could all develop a real love for the natural world, for gardening and for growing their own food. Delightful to see.

These two enjoyed picking the seeds out of an old sunflower head. It really is the simplest of activities that can give the most pleasure. To just be able to sit in the sunshine, with your mate and play with flowers, it’s lovely.

It’s been said before, but teamwork plays a crucial role in getting jobs done on the allotment. These two lads enjoyed heaving all the old tomato stalks into the wheelbarrow. All in all it was a lovely session.